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Trusting Lispi & Co. means receiving continuous support and becoming part of a dynamic and creative company you can count on…always

The meaning of collaboration

Our clients are our first collaborators: we choose each other and we respect each other

Through the years, the collaborations we established with our clients, with artists, designers and many established architects , led us to refine a virtuous productive process, bound to the values we believe in: respect, quality, creativity, innovation and tradition.

Strong in our experience, we are able to assist you from the project idea to the end-product, giving you a turnkey service. What makes us unique is the strive for perfection we go through for each of our products.

Design your furniture

Tell us what you have in mind, we’ll make it possible

1 Consultation

We collaborate with artists, designers and established architects, guiding choices and solutions through our experience.

2 Planning

Beside customizing any article from our catalogue, on demand, we can design new and original pieces.

3 Production

We can transform the most extravagant ideas and projects into unique pieces, from prototype to serial production.

4 Delivery

We ship our products and we assemble our sets directly at the client’s chosen site.

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Customizable finishings

Customize our creations with high-end finishings

Natural finishing

Brushed finishing

Oxidized finishing

Solid color finishing 

Sponged finishing

Brushed finishing

Would you like
to transform a classic piece of furniture into a wrought iron work of art?

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Craftsmanship in wrought iron
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