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The uniqueness of our products comes from their artisanal essence, each product has its story. If we use the production of 10 chairs as an example, they will all be the same measurement-wise, they will have the same characteristics and finishing touches, but there will be microscopical differences. If we take 10 chairs produced at a different time, there will be more palpable small differences, which can depend on the ‘hand’ of the artisan who produced them, from the material, from the colors. Besides, every product can be made even more unique by the client requesting it, simply by customizing it to their taste.

We mainly use iron for our products, but we are starting to experiment the use of aluminum in a way that is more artisanal and less industrial. It will be one of the novelties of 2018. For customized products we have used lead, copper, brass and steel in the past, so we are able to use these types of metal as well. Besides, we actively collaborate with marble cutters, upholsterers and carpenters to offer the most complete service possible to our clients.

Yes, we can create unique pieces from materials or pieces the client already owns. Recycled materials are all the rage nowadays, and we have created many pieces commissioned by our clients.

We will assist the client every step of the way, it is essential to produce an accurate custom-made product. The client can submit any idea via email or by making an appointment in our showroom. At this point we will evaluate together the feasibility of the idea, the possible options in case we cannot do exactly what the client has in mind and we will discuss costs, the quote is free of charge and without commitment. After giving a precise plan to the client we will focus on production and delivery.

Yes, it is possible to customize an existent product, and it is the norm for many of our products, from tables to sofas, from armchairs to fourposter beds. The variation in price is irrelevant in most cases, it will be told to the client at the moment of the request.

No, they are not. We can produce pieces in any color in the RAL or PANTONE scale, besides for some of our products ‘natural’ finishes such as ‘natural iron’ or ‘rusty iron’ are available.

Our products do not require any particular maintenance, only the attention that you would normally give to any object produced with care. For indoor products we suggest cleaning using only neutral and unaggressive products, plus a coat of wax every once in a while to liven the surface. The same goes for outdoor products. Naturally, in case of accidental spillage of liquids or anything that could be corrosive, we suggest prompt cleaning of the surface to avoid damages to the material or the finish.

No, they can’t. Our products undergo a process of hot-galvanization before painting, making them immune to rust. The finishes are very resistant and we have never registered major damages due to the inclemency of the weather. The polyurethane varnishes we use are the same used for cars, so they are especially made for outdoor use, in any season of the year. That said, during winter, it is recommended to avoid pooling of water on the surfaces, simply tilting the surfaces sideways by putting wedges under the legs will be enough (for example, a couple of bricks under two legs of a table will do the trick). It is not unusual for our clients to contact us for white spots on the surfaces of the products, do not worry! In most cases they are due to limestone present in water from the main pipes or in the rain, washing the surface with a product containing softening salt and then cleaning the surface with a neutral detergent will be enough.

Assembling is a service we offer to clients, but the products are actually quite intuitive to assemble, because the pieces are numbered and a video tutorial will be provided at the time of purchase.

Shipping will be agreed upon with the client beforehand. In case of small orders, easy to handle (for example a small table and four chairs), our usual carrier is BRT. For larger orders we rely on trusted specialized carriers, or we personally deliver the products.

We offer a comprehensive assistance to the client in the post-sale phase, to help them manage the product in the best possible way. If problems due to production flaws will come to light, we will arrange for pick-up of the defective product and replacement. In case of damage during transit, we will proceed to replacement of the product, complying with the carrier’s policy.

The products on display in our showroom can be bought directly there; we have a 140 sqm displaying area indoors and a 200 sqm displaying area outdoors.

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