With my father’s help I created a 140 sqm indoor showroom and a 200 sqm outdoor one, where once the chaos of a storage space reigned

Showroom Lispi&Co

From the chaos of a storage space to innovative furnishing solutions

With my father’s help I have started requalifying my workshop, re-thinking the production spaces to make them more efficient and enjoyable, creating a showroom of 140 sqm indoors and 200 sqm outdoors, where once there was only the chaos of our storage space. I have started furnishing the space as if I had to live - not only work - there, restoring the mythological professional coffee machine that was once my grandmother’s: a beautiful Faema e61, which we now use for breakfast and breaks.

Gradually, I added a small garden, flush with plants, that I have enriched with our outdoor furniture. We have restored the old bricks of the building, in fact the space was a brick factory at the beginning of the 1900s, when they used to extract gravel from the river to create these bricks.
It was fundamental for me, and it still is, that the place where we work would mirror the beauty of what we do, that the treasure of which I am the keeper will not be lost.

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