Tradition and innovation

What we create in our workshop are not mere objects, they are stories of our lives

Trust cannot be improvised

It is earned every day, with experience and the desire to improve

We have been working, moulding and interpreting wrought iron for four generations, and for four generations we have been challenging ourselves to always strive for perfection.

We love the sartorial aspects of our job, from the simple customization of one of our existing models to the production of one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable pieces.

Made to impress ...

The creations born in our workshop are not mere objects, they are the stories of our lives


Proportions in our products are born from the match between functionality and respect for the raw material.


The lines of our products are studied to perfectly follow, welcome and sustain the lines of your body.


Every hand-forged creation is unique and unrepeatable, each with its own story, each with its own esthetics.


Lispi & Co.’s products have a unique and recognizable style, able to evolve with time but still keeping a distinct identity.

A spark ...

All our products are born in our workshop, by our hands, by our passion and by the love our artisans put in their work, creating unique pieces with great dignity.
Every Lispi & Co. product has its story and is made with passion, sacrifice and neverending research.

Made to last

Every Lispi & Co. product has its story, it is made with passion, sacrifice and an everlasting search for quality

Care for details


Harmonious and resistant structures
State of the art welding Solid links and hinges

Precious finishings


Hand-forged wrought iron
Use of polyurethane vanishes

Precious additions


Hand-lathed decorations
Use of precious cloths
Sartorial cuts and seams

“ One of the main characteristics of our creations is structural integrity and resistance. The sections, links and junctions are designed to withstand the trials of time, weather and use.”

‘Handmade’ means guaranteeing the quality of unique pieces. Every process necessary to brand a Lispi & Co. product is made by hand, from forging to painting.”

The finishing touches we give our creations are precious jewels of exquisite quality, made by hand by a small selection of master turners and trusted tailors”

The project

This path led me to create the
Lispi & Co. brand, with the purpose of creating unique pieces through traditional and artisanal techniques.

With my father’s help, I started to improve my workshop and I created a showroom in place of the chaos that was our storage space.

I started to furnish it as if I had to live - not only work - there and, after a year, I added a quaint garden lavish with plants.

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