3 reasons to choose Lispi & Co. Iron Design


For 4 generations we have been bending, folding and assembling iron in the pursuit of perfection.
Today Lispi & Co is a leading brand in the field of handcrafted wrought iron and is synonymous with uniqueness, reliability and elegance.



Design & creativity

We create design objects through traditional proceedings and craftsmanship, creations designed to withstand time, use and stress.

Services for you

We follow customers from the design idea to the finished product.To rely on Lispi & Co. means to have continuous support, to know a dynamic and creative company that you can rely on over time.


In the jargon the finish represents the last phase of the production process. Instead we consider it as one of the most important phases , able to give that character and that touch of originality to the product.


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craftsmanship in wrought iron

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Craftsmanship in wrought iron
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