Himalia coat stand

Studio Pari

The name Himalia refers to a group of Jupiter’s satellites. This collection, in fact, was conceived as a group of ‘satellite’ objects: products designed to be placed in the bedroom space and, simultaneously, move freely.

The coat stand has a flat bar that contains hooks of different shapes
and sizes, made from hand-bent flat iron. An expanded metal plate welded
to a flat bar forms the base.

Studio Pari

It is a Milan-based creative studio, founded by Sarah Richiuso and Alberto Pasquale. Graduates from the Politecnico di Milano, Sarah and Alberto have carried out several professional experiences at renowned Italian and international design firms, before meeting at Toan Nguyen’s studio.
In 2022 they founded Studio Pari and devoted themselves to creative direction, furniture and product design, styling and set design projects, as well as 3D visualisation.

Technical information+

structure: iron

finish: painted

Structure Colours+

Basalt grey
Beige red
Blue green
Coral red
Graphite black
Honey yellow
Mint turquoise
Pastel blue
Pastel green
Saphire blue
Signal white
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