The idea of the classic twisted bed post, brought up to date in a contemporary way. A bed that stands out because of the twisting technique applied to its vertical elements.

A solid drawn iron frame which can be disassembled thanks to hidden connectors.
The headboard is made of tubular and soundproofed sheet metal.
The top has a high diagonal section with round iron spokes and a rectangular flat iron connector.

Technical information+

typology: double bed

structure: iron

finish: painted

width: 193 cm

depth: 210 cm

height: 220 cm

mattress width: 190 cm

bed frame height: 35 cm

headboard height: 120 cm

columns: twisted

headboard: St Andrew’s Cross in sheet metal

legs: square

tip: spikes

top: absent

upper section: none

Structure Colours+

Basalt grey
Beige red
Blue green
Coral red
Graphite black
Honey yellow
Mint turquoise
Pastel blue
Pastel green
Sapphire blue
Signal white
Zinc yellow
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