Mario Scairato

A comfortable and enveloping four-poster bed, characterised by an elegant dome shape and an unexpected light source positioned at the top of the structure.

Volta takes up and reworks the classic dome shape in its profiles, making it light and minimal: the arches are generated by round iron tubes and softly envelop the bed, as if to suggest a sense of intimacy and protection.

Mario Scairato

Nato nel 1989, vive e lavora a Milano.Si occupa di industrial design e art direction.
Si è laureato in Industrial Design allo IUAV / Università della Repubblica di San Marino nel 2011 e dal 2017 è direttore artistico di Spazio Paestum, un progetto che mira alla promozione della città di Paestum attraverso una collezione di souvenir che mette in relazione designer e laboratori artigianali del territorio. Dal 2021 è il direttore artistico di Lispi.
Ha disegnato per Abet Laminati, Alessi, Arthur Arbesser, Danese Milano, Dnd, Internoitaliano, Lispi, Moleskine, Tenuta Vannulo.

The entire construction converges into a single joining element at its top. The LED light is located exactly at Volta’s zenith: a functional position, both to better illuminate the bed and to facilitate reading in a relaxing atmosphere. Two buttons control the dimmable light source and are conveniently located on the rear legs of the bed, within easy reach.
The headboard of the bed is upholstered.

Technical information

typology: double bed

structure: iron

finish: painted

width: 182 cm

depth: 210 cm

height: 200 cm

mattress width: 180 cm

bed frame height: 35 cm

headboard height: 100 cm

columns: round

headboard: Upholstered

legs: round

tip: none

top: absent

upper section: none

Structure Colours

Basalt grey
Beige red
Blue green
Coral red
Graphite black
Honey yellow
Mint turquoise
Pastel blue
Pastel green
Sapphire blue
Signal white
Zinc yellow

Headboard Fabric

Balboa 0009
Balboa 0014
Balboa 0018
Balboa 0032
Balboa 004
Sahco 003
Sahco 004
Sahco 005
Sahco 006
Sahco 008
Vidar 0106
Vidar 0743
Vidar 0913
Vidar 0956
Vidar 0972
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